''When it comes to increasing an athletes overall athleticism, N'Namdi is very knowledgeable. He helped in making me a better athlete!!

Jimmer Fredette, Professional Basketball Player


''N'Namdi is a terrific Trainer! What I enjoyed most about our sessions is, he studies you  as an athlete and focus on improving your skill set. I came to him wanting to be a better athlete all around, graciously, I became a better person too. He taught me skills, along with discipline and dedication into achieving goals. And because of that, I was able to have many opportunities.''

Skyy Simmons, Professional Football Player


''My international touring schedule is very draining when I travel and perform concerts almost everyday. I know that N'Namdi will be there for me when I get home to whip me into better physical shape. He trains me hard and pushes me to my physical limits. I know this endurance helps me as a cellist onstage and I am so lucky to know him!''

Amanda Forsyth, Professional Cellist


I had the pleasure of training with N'Namdi for about 2 years. When I first met him I was just this skinny little girl who dreamed of playing college softball. Although I ultimately decided not to play at the collegiate level, N'Namdi increased my speed and performance to a level where I could’ve easily. Training with him was always a great experience, he had a way of pushing and motivating me to my max but still making it enjoyable. N'Namdi is one of the reasons why I still have a passion for exercise, and why I am pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

Samantha L, Doctoral candidate at High Point University


N'Namdi is a great trainer and a true pro who has helped our entire family. He has shown amazing range in his knowledge of what will work for each of us. He has helped my wife, who is a tiny former gymnast & avid runner. Our oldest daughter who is a very competitve tennis player. N'Namdi has designed and implemented the training program for her. He also trains our middle daughter who is a fencer; and he also identified her knack for short distance speed which has brought her to the track team. I am a large former college football player, and N'Namdi has helped me with weight managament and flexibility issues. We can't wait until our youngest starts training with him!

Timothy S., Investment Banking




I have worked with many different trainers over the years. It wasnt until I met N'Namdi that my weaknesses were identified and addressed, and my strengths were recognized and develovoped. I would highly recommend N'Namdi as a personal trainer.

Judy L., Fashion


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